Graduate Student Write-In

 Next Workshop: July 17 – 20, 2017

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Having trouble with your thesis, dissertation or manuscript for publication? Are you stalled at the writing stage? Need a focused environment for writing?

The Write-In is a workshop designed to help graduate students break through personal barriers and make progress towards the completion of a thesis, dissertation or manuscript. The Graduate Student Write-In teaches and encourages effective skills and strategies and provides a supportive, comfortable atmosphere where students can learn from, inspire and motivate one another.

At the Write-In, students learn how to help improve productivity, create realistic plans for completing projects, combat writer’s block and manage the anxiety that often attends the writing process. Each day, students set, publicize, and, if need be, modify their goals on the collaboration wall. After blocks of individual writing time, small debriefing groups gather to celebrate accomplishments, discuss challenges and share reflections.

Lunchtime presenters lead group discussions about developing writing strategies, establishing support communities, overcoming procrastination, using library resources and maintaining momentum. Students can also work with individual writing consultants for help with goal setting and writing mechanics.


Student should Expect to:

      • Develop realistic plans for the completion of writing projects.

      • Identify and implement strategies to improve productivity.

      • Gain confidence in their ability to complete program requirements.

      • Establish writing support communities with their peers for help achieving goals.

      • Write!


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