Professional Development

Workshops are offered in the fall, spring and summer semesters and are categorized in one of the development areas below.

Professional Development Flyer Spring 2017

See categories below for links to upcoming events.

  • Balance & Resilience
    – Set reasonable goals for your work and personal life
    – Prioritize tasks and organize your schedule
    – Negotiate and resolve conflicts between yourself and peers
    – Maintain a balanced health and wellness program

    On Campus Resources:WellnessPsychology Clinic

  • Career
    – Reflect on your likes, dislikes, needs and wants
    – Make note of your past accomplishments
    – Explore new education and training opportunities
    – Set career goals

    On Campus Resource: Career Services

    Career Boot Camp – Jan. 27th    RSVP Here

  • Communication & Collaboration
    – Be a productive member of your team, group, or organization
    – Remain flexible and open to the opinions of your group
    – Partner with diverse groups to reach a common goal
    – Communicate effectively across all disciplines and audience

    On Campus Resource: Curve

    Upcoming Writing Workshops:

    Writing a Better Grant Proposal – Register Here

    Library Workshop Spring Series – Register Here

  • Ethics & Integrity
    – Adhere to professional, moral, and ethical principles
    – Protect and respect research participants and collaborators
    – Give recognition and credit where it is due
    – Be knowledgeable about your institution’s professional code of ethics

    On Campus Resource:Research Integrity

  • Leadership
    – Actively listen, question, and advise
    – Make decisions in a timely manner
    – Motivate others to act by sharing your passion
    – Purposefully build, maintain, and evaluate teams and research groups

    On Campus Resource: Leadership Development

  • Research & Scholarship
    – Create and maintain a schedule that balances both your professional and scholarly pursuits
    – Maximize your time by creating a strategic to-do list
    – Set deadlines for yourself and track your progress
    – Commit to writing at least thirty minutes each day

    On Campus Resource: University Library

    Library Workshops Spring Series – Register Here

    Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition – Learn More