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Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship

An internal fellowship program targeting doctoral students’ degree completion.

Formerly referred to as the “Final Year Fellowship”


What is the PDF?

The Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship supports doctoral students from across the university as they complete their dissertations, allowing them to minimize other obligations, such as teaching. Applicants may apply for up to twelve months of funding to support focused efforts toward dissertation completion, which they will lay out in a plan detailing their monthly goals. It is expected that this plan will be written in collaboration with the applicant’s dissertation advisor and should be realistic and comprehensive. Every month, fellows will meet with the Associate Provost for Graduate Programs to discuss their progress and the students’ advisors will submit monthly status reports. Funding may be suspended at any time should a fellow fall behind on their monthly goals.


Applicants may apply for as little as 1 month of funding or as many as 12 months of funding, depending on how much time is needed to complete the dissertation and graduate.


Applicants must have an approved dissertation proposal at the time of application and must be within 12 months of graduating from the time the fellowship begins. Note that the Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship is a Graduate Assistantship, and the total monthly funding graduate assistants can receive is $3000, thus, you may not receive an additional fellowship in excess of $1000 per month.

Further, you cannot be paid under another job classification (e.g., part-time faculty) within the University System of Georgia. For more information, please review the Graduate Assistant (GA) Policy. Georgia State University also requires that students receiving tuition waivers sign up for at least 9 credit hours, during the academic year, and 6 credit hours in the summer semester. Note that your home college may require registering for a larger number of credit hours each semester that you receive the assistantship.


Applicants are evaluated based on the feasibility of their monthly plan, their letters of recommendation, and their scholarly accomplishments.


Fellows receive a $2,000 monthly stipend (for a maximum of 12 months), plus a tuition waiver. Fellows will still be responsible for paying student fees and health insurance.

Application Deadline

Fall Deadline: September 15, 2017 for funding to be initiated between January 1 – March 31, 2018 (up to 12 months of funding)

Spring Deadline: March 15, 2018 for funding to be initiated between July 1 – September, 30 2018 (up to 12 months of funding)


1. Fellows will be expected to complete their monthly goals.

2. Once a month fellows will meet with the Associate Provost for Graduate Programs.

3. Once a month the fellows’ dissertation advisor will submit a progress report.


Application Materials

Please have all the materials and information ready to be entered and uploaded when you begin the application.  It is not possible to save parts of the application and return later to complete it. It must all be completed in one sitting. Your application includes the following:

1. Basic Information about the applicant

2. Updated CV

3. Monthly Completion Plan (click link to download template)

4. Abstract of the Dissertation

5. Narrative describing progress toward degree completion

6. Description of how the fellowship would assist you

Apply Here 

Advisors and Chairs Endorse Here

You will also need to ask your Dissertation Adviser to submit a letter of recommendation and your Department Chair to submit an endorsement. Both can be submitted at the buttons below.



Contact Katrina Helz, Fellowship Advisor, Office of Graduate Programs